China Best Sales Tractor Mounted Earth Augeragricultural Earth Auger and Hole Digger Machine pto shaft danger

Product Description

Product Description

                             Agricultural Earth Auger And Hole Digger Machine

 1. Tractor CHINAMFG machine by a tractor PTO driven by the drive system CHINAMFG work drill bit, drill ships double spiral, some CHINAMFG machine is equipped with 2 or 2 or more bits, can make full use of tractor power and increase productivity .
2. The tractor mounted hole digger is designed for various of tractor, applicable for planting tree in large area.
3. Also used for doing the greening work on both of road and the edge of farm field, help for the planting task of flood
protection on the dam.
4. The tractor digger is designed reasonable, flexible,stable and reliable performance, has the good operation effect and high
5. We could supply various of specification of drill to meet different requests.

The digger  series are simple to operate ,safe and reliable,efficient,and easy to maintenance.They are suitable for the different situations,such as sand,hard land,etc.They are the ideal machines for afforestation.They match  20-80 hp tractors

Detailed Photos

This post hole digger matched with 4 wheels tractor, rear power output.This machine structure is compact, good performance, easy to operate, through the bit change can realize many specifications of dig a hole operation. Suitable for afforestation, made pile and dig a hole operation.
This machine has the following feature
1.Dig a hole work by mechanical power dig under. load ability, high efficiency.
2.Drill dig smooth, into the pit of good quality, CHINAMFG out the soil pile in the pit near side.
3.This machine structure is compact,durability strong,maintenance is convenient

1WX -80 Series Regular Duty Post Hole Digger is ideal for farm, residential, hobby farm and ranch use. This post hole digger / earth auger is designed to fit most 30 – 60 horsepower small tractors three-point hitch and a 540 rpm PTO.

Model 1WX-230 1WX-300 1WX-400 1WX-500 1WX-600 1WX-700 1WX-800 1WX-1000
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H) (cm)  230×80×165 230×80×165 240×80×165 245×100×165
Drill diameter (mm) 230 300 400 500 600 700 800 1000
Working depth (cm) 40-70 50-80 50-100
Matched Power (kw) 14.7-29.4 22-53 36.7-55
Weight (kg) 150 165 230 240 251 260 270 300
PTO Speed (rpm) 540 2.18:1(when PTO speed is 540rpms),                            3:1(when PTO speed is 720 or 760rpms).
Gearbox rate 2.92:1
Linkage 3-point lift with no tractor suspension
Efficiency (caves/hour) 60-150 60-120 30-60
Transport clearance >30cm

Packaging & Shipping

Packing by iron box .We can shipped to HangZhou port or ZheJiang portThe goods usually shipped by sea.lf you need a bigquantities, we can packed in bulk. We also can packed container directly irour factory.

 Iron pallet or wooden cases
Delivery Detail: By sea or By air

1. Waterproof packing with the international export standard by 20ft, 40ftcontainer.
Wooden Case or Iron Pallet.

2.The whole set of machines size are large as normal, so we will use Waterproof materials to pack
all of them. The motor, gear box or other easily damaged parts, we will put them into box. 

We have a professional shipping department, they will try their best to save your container quantity.


Company Profile

HangZhou Dingshengyuan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd .  is a company specializing in the research and development and manufacture of agricultural machinery. The company has 55 employees and 30 sets of machining equipment. The main products are agricultural machinery (disc plow, disc harrow, harrow plow). , rotary tiller, subsoiler), planting machinery (wheat planter, corn planter, potato planter, vegetable planter), plant protection machinery (self-propelled sprayer, tractor piggyback sprayer, cultivator, pine soil machine, ridge machine, orchard sprayer), harvester (potato harvester, yam harvester, quarry machine, sugarcane peeler, small wheat straw harvester), forestry machinery (tree planter), forage machinery (reciprocating type) lawn mowers, raking mowers, disc mowers, spreaders), bucks, plows, scarifiers and other agricultural machinery and accessories. In addition, the company also undertakes various processing business with drawings and samples. We are deeply loved by our customers for our thoughtful service, exquisite craftsmanship and reliable product quality. The products are mainly exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as South America, Africa, Russia and Southeast Asia. The company adheres to the management concept of “people-oriented, customer first”, and adheres to the principle of customer first to provide services to our customers

Our company has consistently adhered to a “customer first, quality first” principle. I believe we can provided the exact products for you, if you have any problems pls feel free to let me know

Our Advantages

Introducing our Earth Auger Drill Post Hole Digger for Tractor, a reliable and efficient solution for all your post hole CHINAMFG needs. Designed specifically for agricultural machinery, this powerful tool is perfect for CHINAMFG holes with precision and ease. Whether you’re working on a construction site or maintaining a farm, our post hole digger is a must-have power tool. With its sturdy construction and advanced features, it ensures durability and high performance. Equipped with a four-wheel tractor 3-point suspension, this digger is capable of efficiently CHINAMFG tree holes and other excavations. Upgrade your agricultural machinery with our Earth Auger Drill Post Hole Digger for Tractor and experience unmatched productivity.



Q1: Are you a factory or trading company?
We are manufacturer with self-supported import and export right.
Q2: How can Itrust on your company?
We are a fully registered manufacture and exporting company by China Export Registration Authorities. Moreover, ourproducts have been exporting to a number of countries including USA, Thailand, Russia, Poland, Netherlands.Australia, Chile, Pakistan, Indonesia, Tanzania, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Congo etc. The good faith, punctual, strict’quality control and reasonable price, throughout is the pledge we to each customer.
Q3: Where is your factory located? How can Ivisit there?
Our factory is located in HangZhou City, ZheJiang Province, China. About 1 hour away from HangZhou Airport. All our clients
are warmly welcomed to visit us!
Q4: How can Iplace an order from your website?
lt is very easy.Once you find the implement you need on our website and place an inquiry against it, or, get to the inquirysection and leave us a message there with name, country and phone number, we will get in touch with you at the earliestYou can also e-mail us directly or join us on live chat for instantaneous answers 
Q5: How can Imake the payment?
Payment is made via Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) through the bank against the proforma invoice30% as prepayment and the balance when the goods are ready for shipping”Irrevocable L/C at sight could be also accepted
Q6: What’s the Payment terms?
FOB the price of the implement without sea shipment costs.
‘ClF,including the unit cost + marine insurance + Shipment charges to your destination port
‘CFR, including the unit cost + Shipment charges to your destination port.
Q7: At which port do vou usually ship the good?
We usually ship goods via Qinadao ZheJiang , HangZhou Tianiin port of China
Q8.How about the Warranty ?
12 months warranty from the time of the goods arrive at destination

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After-sales Service: 1 Years
Warranty: 1 Years
Type: Post Hole Digger
US$ 800/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


Order Sample

Earth Auger Drill Post Hole Digger For Tractor

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Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

post hole digger

What factors should be considered when selecting the right post hole digger for a job?

When choosing the appropriate post hole digger for a job, several factors should be taken into consideration. These factors help ensure that the selected digger is well-suited for the specific requirements of the project. Here are some key considerations:

  1. Soil Type and Conditions: The type and condition of the soil play a crucial role in determining the ideal post hole digger. Consider whether the soil is soft, sandy, clayey, compacted, or rocky. Different diggers have varying capabilities in handling these soil types. For example, harder soils may require more powerful motorized diggers or specialized blades, while softer soils may be manageable with manual or smaller-sized diggers.
  2. Project Scale and Scope: The scale and scope of the project influence the selection of a post hole digger. Determine the number of holes that need to be dug and the depth and diameter requirements of the holes. Larger projects with numerous holes may benefit from motorized diggers that offer faster and more efficient digging. Smaller projects or occasional use may warrant manual diggers for cost-effectiveness.
  3. Available Power Source: Consider the availability of power sources at the job site. Motorized post hole diggers typically require access to electricity or fuel, such as gas or propane. If the job site lacks these power sources, manual diggers may be a more suitable choice. Additionally, consider the portability and maneuverability of the digger if the job site is in a remote or hard-to-reach location.
  4. Operator Experience and Strength: Assess the experience and physical strength of the operator(s) who will be using the post hole digger. Motorized diggers are generally more powerful and require less physical effort compared to manual diggers. If the operator is inexperienced or lacks sufficient strength, it may be advisable to opt for a motorized digger to ensure efficient and safe operation.
  5. Budget and Cost Considerations: Set a budget for the post hole digging project and consider the cost of different digger options. Motorized diggers tend to be more expensive upfront but can save time and effort in the long run, especially for larger projects. Manual diggers are typically more budget-friendly but may require more physical exertion and time investment.
  6. Additional Features and Accessories: Evaluate any additional features or accessories that may be beneficial for the project. Some post hole diggers offer adjustable depth settings, ergonomic handles, or anti-vibration systems for operator comfort. Assess whether any specific accessories, such as auger extensions or sharpening tools, are available or needed for the task at hand.

By considering these factors, project managers or individuals can make an informed decision when selecting the right post hole digger. It is essential to choose a digger that matches the soil conditions, project requirements, available power sources, operator capabilities, budget, and any desired additional features or accessories.

post hole digger

How do post hole diggers handle variations in hole diameter and depth?

Post hole diggers are designed to handle variations in both hole diameter and depth, providing flexibility and adaptability for different project requirements. Here’s how post hole diggers handle these variations:

  1. Adjustable Auger Size: Post hole diggers are equipped with an auger, which is the rotating digging component. Many post hole diggers feature interchangeable auger bits of different sizes. These auger bits come in various diameters, allowing users to select the appropriate size for the desired hole diameter. By swapping out the auger bits, post hole diggers can easily handle variations in hole diameter to accommodate different project needs.
  2. Telescoping or Extension Shafts: Some post hole diggers come with telescoping or extension shafts. These shafts can be adjusted in length to extend the reach of the digger, enabling users to dig holes at different depths. By extending or retracting the shaft, post hole diggers can handle variations in hole depth, allowing for deeper or shallower holes as required by the specific project.
  3. Adjustable Depth Control Mechanisms: Many post hole diggers incorporate adjustable depth control mechanisms. These mechanisms allow users to set the desired depth of the hole before starting the digging process. By utilizing depth control features such as depth collars or depth stoppers, operators can ensure consistent and accurate hole depths throughout the project, even when dealing with variations in terrain or soil conditions.
  4. Graduated Markings or Measurements: Some post hole diggers have graduated markings or measurements on the shaft or handle. These markings provide a visual reference for the operator to gauge the depth of the hole while digging. By referring to the measurements, users can monitor and adjust the depth as needed, ensuring precise control over variations in hole depth.
  5. Manual or Powered Operation: Post hole diggers are available in both manual and powered versions. Manual post hole diggers require the operator to exert physical force to dig the hole, offering fine control over the digging process. Powered post hole diggers, such as those driven by gas engines or electric motors, provide additional power and speed, making it easier to handle variations in hole diameter and depth more efficiently.
  6. Operator Technique: The operator’s technique also plays a role in handling variations in hole diameter and depth. Experienced operators can skillfully manipulate the post hole digger to achieve the desired dimensions. By controlling the angle, position, and movement of the digger, operators can adapt to variations in the terrain, soil conditions, and project requirements, effectively managing changes in hole diameter and depth.

By incorporating features such as adjustable auger size, telescoping or extension shafts, adjustable depth control mechanisms, graduated markings or measurements, and offering both manual and powered options, post hole diggers provide the means to handle variations in hole diameter and depth. Additionally, the operator’s technique and skill contribute to achieving precise and consistent results, ensuring that the post hole digger can effectively adapt to the specific requirements of different projects.

post hole digger

What are the key components of a manual post hole digger?

A manual post hole digger consists of several key components that work together to facilitate the digging process. Here are the main components:

  1. Shaft: The shaft is a long metal rod that forms the main body of the post hole digger. It provides the structural support and stability while digging. The shaft is typically made of steel or another durable material to withstand the forces exerted during digging.
  2. Handles: At the top of the shaft, there are two handles positioned opposite each other. The handles are designed for the operator to grip and apply downward force while digging. They provide leverage and control, allowing the operator to maneuver the post hole digger effectively.
  3. Auger Blades: The auger blades are the cutting or digging elements of the post hole digger. They are attached to the bottom end of the shaft and are responsible for penetrating the ground and removing soil. Auger blades are typically made of hardened steel to withstand the abrasive nature of soil and provide durability.
  4. Blade Spacing: The spacing between the two auger blades is an important aspect of a manual post hole digger. It determines the width of the hole being dug. The blade spacing can vary depending on the specific model or intended use of the digger.
  5. Twist or Spiral Design: The auger blades are shaped in a twist or spiral pattern. This design allows them to efficiently move through the soil as they rotate. The twisting motion helps break up the soil and facilitates the removal process.
  6. Blade Point: The bottom end of each auger blade usually comes to a sharp point. This point helps initiate the penetration into the ground, allowing the blades to start digging and create a hole.

When using a manual post hole digger, the operator grips the handles, positions the auger blades at the desired location, and applies downward force while simultaneously twisting the digger. This action drives the blades into the ground, loosening the soil. The operator then lifts the digger out of the hole, bringing the loosened soil to the surface.

By understanding the key components and their functions, operators can effectively utilize a manual post hole digger to dig holes for various purposes.

China Best Sales Tractor Mounted Earth Augeragricultural Earth Auger and Hole Digger Machine   pto shaft dangerChina Best Sales Tractor Mounted Earth Augeragricultural Earth Auger and Hole Digger Machine   pto shaft danger
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