China Custom The Best Excavator Shovel Heavy Duty Equipment Use for Building Construction and Backhoe Excavation pto shaft cover safety chain

Product Description

Since the inception of our firm, we are highly dedicated towards providing a quality approved array of JG Backhoe Loader Grapple Railway Excavator that is checked before being delivered.
The elevating comfort cab ensures a pleasant, safe workplace with an excellent view of the work area
Our machines are very versatile (orange peel grab, clamshell grab, magnet system, scrap shears, vacuum crossbeam).

JingGong JG120S uses CHINAMFG engine with higher rated power. It adopts a new appearance, concise atmosphere; fuel-efficient and efficient; excellent handling; new cab, comfortable operating environment, good vision and low vibration. 

It is suitable for the needs of road construction, mining, agriculture and forestry clamping, water conservancy and power construction, bridge construction, urban construction and municipal construction. JG120S excavator can easily solve for customers and help customers get the most value.

SPECIFICATIONS of JG120S 10 Ton Construction Machinery Trackhoe Digger Wheel Excavator with Bucket for Sale
RANGE OF OPERATION Boom length 4000mm
Arm length 2150mm
Maximum Digging Reach 7200mm
Maximum Digging Depth 4400mm
Maximum Digging Force 60KN
Maximum Digging Height 6500mm
Maximum Dumping Height 4700mm
Back-end radius of gyration 2000mm
DIMENSION (Length*width*height) travel position 6700*2380*3050mm
Wheel base 2600mm
Track(Front/rear) 1930mm/1830mm
Ground clearance of counterweight 1250mm
Min ground clearance 440mm
TECHNICAL PARAMETERS Angle of rotation 360°
Machine weight 10000kg
Engine model YUCHAI
Rated Power 73.5KW
Rated Speed 2200r/min
Hydraulic system working pressure 25Mpa
Hydraulic system flow 180L/min
The Speed of Automatic Transmission Gear Forward 
/ Backward  (Tiptronic/ Full Hydraulic)
Forward5/Backward1/1/1 F1/B1(JG120SC)
Max Hauling force 50KN
Walking speed 25km/h
Grade Climbing ability 58%/30°
Tyre model 825.16 
Volume Of Bucket 0.35m³
Full circle swinging time 5.5s
Fqt Fuel Quantity  ≥6L/h
Capacity Of The Fuel Tank 150L
Hydraulic Tank Capacity  150L

Our company is a China Leading CHINAMFG in R&D small scale excavator especially wheel excavator, a professional manufacturer and exporter integrating design, development, production and sales of equipment and machinery, equipped with various types of imported large-scale processing equipment. Have a group of professional technical developers,continuously develops new products based on market demand,can customize products according to customer needs.

We have passed IS09001 and CE certification, has nearly 100 patent certificates.

The “Jingong” brand series products are suitable for many different construction, such as road & transportation, cities, municipal administration, gardens, farmland, water conservancy, agriculture, grapple loading, railways, etc.. Already exported to Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries, and have been widely praised at home and abroad.
Products include:
1. Engineering machinery:
wheel excavators: such as JG120s 10 Ton Construction Machinery Trackhoe Digger Wheel Excavator with Bucket;
crawler excavators;

2. Forestry machinery:
bamboo (sugarcane) grapple loader;
multi-functional transfer machines;

3. Harvesting machinery:
Whole stalk type sugarcane combine harvesters;

4  Railway machinery:
railway sleeper changing machine;
railway ballast under cutter machine;
railway ballast tamping machine;

After-sales Service: Supported
Warranty: 1 Year
Type: Wheel Excavator
Usage: Special Excavator, Mining Excavator, GM Excavator
Bucket: Backhoe
Transmission: Hydraulic Transmission


Customized Request

post hole digger

Can you provide examples of projects or applications that require a post hole digger?

Post hole diggers are versatile tools that find application in various projects and tasks that involve digging holes. Here are some examples of projects or applications that commonly require the use of a post hole digger:

  • Fence Installation: When installing fences, post hole diggers are essential for digging holes to secure the fence posts. Whether it’s a wooden, metal, or vinyl fence, a post hole digger allows for precise and consistent hole digging, ensuring the stability and longevity of the fence.
  • Deck or Patio Construction: Building a deck or patio often involves setting support posts into the ground. Post hole diggers are used to excavate holes for these posts, ensuring that they are properly anchored and provide a solid foundation for the structure.
  • Signage or Street Lighting Installation: In projects involving the installation of signage, street lights, or other outdoor fixtures, post hole diggers are employed to dig holes for the supporting posts. This ensures that the signs or lights are securely mounted and can withstand external forces and weather conditions.
  • Landscaping and Gardening: Post hole diggers are useful for various landscaping and gardening tasks. They can be used to dig holes for planting trees, shrubs, or large plants, allowing for proper root growth and stability. Additionally, post hole diggers are employed in installing garden trellises, arbors, or pergolas.
  • Flagpole Installation: When erecting flagpoles, post hole diggers are utilized to dig the holes for the flagpole base. This ensures that the flagpole stands upright and remains stable, even in windy conditions.
  • Foundation Repair: In certain foundation repair projects, post hole diggers are employed to excavate holes around the foundation for the installation of support piers or foundation underpinning. These holes allow access to the foundation, facilitating the repair or reinforcement process.
  • Utility Pole Placement: Post hole diggers are commonly used in utility pole installation, where holes need to be dug to accommodate the poles. This is crucial for the installation of power lines, telephone lines, or other utility infrastructure.
  • Building Construction: Post hole diggers play a role in various construction projects, such as the installation of structural supports for small buildings, sheds, or pergolas. They are used to dig holes for the support posts, ensuring a stable and secure structure.

These examples demonstrate the diverse range of projects and applications where post hole diggers are essential tools. Whether it’s for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes, post hole diggers enable efficient and accurate hole digging, contributing to the successful completion of various construction, landscaping, and installation projects.

post hole digger

How do post hole diggers handle variations in hole diameter and depth?

Post hole diggers are designed to handle variations in both hole diameter and depth, providing flexibility and adaptability for different project requirements. Here’s how post hole diggers handle these variations:

  1. Adjustable Auger Size: Post hole diggers are equipped with an auger, which is the rotating digging component. Many post hole diggers feature interchangeable auger bits of different sizes. These auger bits come in various diameters, allowing users to select the appropriate size for the desired hole diameter. By swapping out the auger bits, post hole diggers can easily handle variations in hole diameter to accommodate different project needs.
  2. Telescoping or Extension Shafts: Some post hole diggers come with telescoping or extension shafts. These shafts can be adjusted in length to extend the reach of the digger, enabling users to dig holes at different depths. By extending or retracting the shaft, post hole diggers can handle variations in hole depth, allowing for deeper or shallower holes as required by the specific project.
  3. Adjustable Depth Control Mechanisms: Many post hole diggers incorporate adjustable depth control mechanisms. These mechanisms allow users to set the desired depth of the hole before starting the digging process. By utilizing depth control features such as depth collars or depth stoppers, operators can ensure consistent and accurate hole depths throughout the project, even when dealing with variations in terrain or soil conditions.
  4. Graduated Markings or Measurements: Some post hole diggers have graduated markings or measurements on the shaft or handle. These markings provide a visual reference for the operator to gauge the depth of the hole while digging. By referring to the measurements, users can monitor and adjust the depth as needed, ensuring precise control over variations in hole depth.
  5. Manual or Powered Operation: Post hole diggers are available in both manual and powered versions. Manual post hole diggers require the operator to exert physical force to dig the hole, offering fine control over the digging process. Powered post hole diggers, such as those driven by gas engines or electric motors, provide additional power and speed, making it easier to handle variations in hole diameter and depth more efficiently.
  6. Operator Technique: The operator’s technique also plays a role in handling variations in hole diameter and depth. Experienced operators can skillfully manipulate the post hole digger to achieve the desired dimensions. By controlling the angle, position, and movement of the digger, operators can adapt to variations in the terrain, soil conditions, and project requirements, effectively managing changes in hole diameter and depth.

By incorporating features such as adjustable auger size, telescoping or extension shafts, adjustable depth control mechanisms, graduated markings or measurements, and offering both manual and powered options, post hole diggers provide the means to handle variations in hole diameter and depth. Additionally, the operator’s technique and skill contribute to achieving precise and consistent results, ensuring that the post hole digger can effectively adapt to the specific requirements of different projects.

post hole digger

Can you explain the different types of post hole diggers available?

There are several types of post hole diggers available, each designed for specific purposes and varying levels of manual effort. Here are some of the common types:

  1. Manual Post Hole Digger: This is the most basic type of post hole digger and is operated purely by human force. It consists of a long shaft with handles at the top and two auger blades at the bottom. Manual post hole diggers are suitable for smaller digging tasks and require physical exertion from the operator.
  2. Two-Person Post Hole Digger: Also known as a dual-handle post hole digger, this type requires two people to operate. It features longer handles to provide better leverage and stability. By having one person stabilize the digger while the other applies downward force, two-person post hole diggers make it easier to dig deeper and wider holes compared to a single-person manual digger.
  3. Clamshell Post Hole Digger: This type of digger has a hinged jaw-like mechanism instead of auger blades. The two halves of the clamshell digger close together when forced into the ground, and when lifted, they bring the soil along with them. Clamshell post hole diggers are useful for digging in loose or sandy soil where augers may not be as effective.
  4. Power Auger: Power augers are mechanical post hole diggers that are either gas-powered or electric-powered. They feature an engine or motor that drives the rotating auger blades into the ground. Power augers are more efficient and require less physical effort compared to manual diggers. They are suitable for larger digging tasks or when working with compacted or rocky soil.
  5. Hydraulic Post Hole Digger: Hydraulic post hole diggers are heavy-duty machines commonly used in construction or industrial settings. They are typically attached to tractors or other heavy machinery and utilize hydraulic power to drive the auger blades into the ground. Hydraulic diggers are capable of digging large and deep holes quickly and efficiently.

When choosing a post hole digger, factors such as the size of the holes needed, the type of soil, and the available physical strength or equipment should be taken into consideration. Each type of post hole digger has its advantages and is suited for different applications, so selecting the right one will ensure efficient and successful digging.

China Custom The Best Excavator Shovel Heavy Duty Equipment Use for Building Construction and Backhoe Excavation   pto shaft cover safety chainChina Custom The Best Excavator Shovel Heavy Duty Equipment Use for Building Construction and Backhoe Excavation   pto shaft cover safety chain
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